PS360+ Akishop customs

58,50€ TTC Article en rupture

Product Information

  • Xbox 360, PS3 (with PS2 BC), Xbox 1, Dreamcast, PSX and PC support, smart-detection for all supported systems.
  • USB Bootloader for firmware updates.
  • OSS (Open Source Software) for best possible community support (upgradable through USB). Date pending (more info soon).
  • Headset jack for Xbox LIVE. 2.5mm audio jack and JST connector to choose from, JST connector compatible with SE and TE headset cables). Optional Headset Detection disable solder jumper for headset jack extension cable use.
  • Player LED support for Xbox 360, PS3 and Dreamcast (on-board and external, cable NOT included). Optional on-board LED disable solder jumper.
  • USB "B" and RJ-45 jack with optional use of JST connectors (JST-cables NOT included).
  • USB jack is for standard output (Xbox 360/PS3/PC), RJ-45 may be used for all supported systems (Xbox 360/PS3/PC/PSX).
  • Software selected LS/DP/RS.
  • LSB/RSB support.
  • Forced Modes supported.
  • PCB size: 96.3mm x 45.3mm. Mounting holes: 88mm x 37mm.